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Taste of Home Vol. 1 Preview

Taste of Home Vol. 1

Recipes that fulfill the sense of home.
The idea for this zine was planted during a group dinner with a group of illustrators that grew into a physical collection!This is the first book developed under Chamomile Press.
This volume features 6 artists and 10 recipes.

Taste of Home Vol. 2 Cover

Taste of Home Vol. 2

A collection of recipes that fulfill the sense of home, be it something you’ve grown up eating at your grandparents house during summer, to cooking with your roommates on a rainy night.This volume features 15 artists and 18 recipes.

Taste of Home Vol. 1 Preview

Snail Mail

One sketchbook, multiple artists! We sent a sketchbook through the mail where every artist who joined got the chance to fill one page before mailing it to the next person.This book features 23 artists.

Taste of Home Vol. 1 Preview

Postcard Prompts

Various artists were sent a blank 5x7 cards where they has to draw a response to mystery prompt!


Taste of Home Vol. 3


Chamomile Press is a Vancouver based mini press. It started as a onetime self publishing project in 2019 and slowly grew into collaborative works revolving around recipes, nature and art.

Founder & Editor
Canadian illustrator, printmaking and textile artist who loves to draw landscapes, also an amateur gardener and tea enthusiast.

Editor & Designer
Born and raised in Indonesia. Moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2018 to study Communication Design. Loves animals, food and sleep.

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